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 E-Participation Decisions


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The results and data of the social and opinion polls were used to improve and improve the services provided, as well as to improve the management of the portal in general and to focus on information and topics of interest to all users. The data of social partnerships constitute building blocks of trust between the ministry and citizens, influence the correct decision-making, and promote success in the development of the ministry's services to them.

The following are some of the decisions and actions taken on the basis of citizens' proposals and opinions:

  • The meeting concluded by agreeing on concerted efforts to achieve the efficient use of water resources, rationalizing their use, limiting the impacts and misappropriations that have a negative impact on groundwater reserves, achieving sustainable development, water security, raising irrigation efficiency, eliminating waste crops and recycling water. Ensuring its sustainability for present and future generations, and contributing to the realization of the vision of the Kingdom 2030. This resulted in the decision of the Council of Ministers to stop the cultivation of feed.

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