The Property Division within the Minister's Office was established in 2005 with the aim of monitoring properties of the Ministry. Then, the Minister's decision No. (1/745) dated 23/6/2016 was issued, which provided for including the Property Division under the Directorate of Land and Survey.
This Division was moved from the old building of the Ministry, which was earlier known as the Ministry of Water and Electricity, to the new main building on 10/1/2017 AH.

Tasks and Responsibilities

• Studying requests for allocation of government lands of the Ministry's affiliates.
• Studying the request for expropriation of property of the Ministry's affiliates.
• Recording the Ministry's property data and uses.


Tasks accomplished by the Property Division in 2016:

Tasks:                                     Completed:
Land allocation Requests of the Ministry's affiliates           426
Expropriation of private property requests                 98
Number of transactions completed                        1206