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Lands Division

Lands Division is one of the divisions of the Directorate of Lands and Survey that contributes to supporting the agricultural sector in Saudi Arabia by allocating and leasing suitable agricultural plots to investors for agricultural or animal husbandry projects.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

Leasing plots of agricultural lands for carrying out plants and poultry projects, and establishing fodders factories, apiaries, veterinary clinics and hospitals, as well as other different agricultural sector-related activities;
Allocating lands beyond urban growth boundaries that will be under the supervision of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture (MEWA) to other government bodies and service authorities in need of them;
Dividing the agricultural lands that were included in urban boundaries to residential, commercial or industrial lands;
Dividing huge agricultural land plots into smaller ones, as per the applicable instructions and controls; and
Following up the serious conduct of investments in the agricultural lands that were allocated by MEWA to investors, as per the resolutions of distributing, receiving and approving ownership requests of these lands according to the applicable laws and regulations.

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