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 The General Directorate of Water Planning



The General Directorate of Water Planning supports plans and initiatives for decision-making, promotes water research, exchanges information with partners and achieves excellence in strategic planning for the water sector.


Water Strategy Division.
Water Information Center.
Water Risk Division.
Water Research Division.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

1) Water Strategy Division:
o Evaluate the status of the water sector.
o Set long-term goals for the water sector.
o Develop a strategy to achieve the objectives of the sector.
o Identify and analyze strategic and most appropriate alternatives.

2) Water Information Center:
o Monitor the flow of information in operating systems.
o Check, document and enter data into the system.
o Coordinate with departments and general directorates regarding the accuracy and non-arrival of information.
o Prepare and issue daily and monthly reports and periodicals.
o Provide researchers and beneficiaries with reports and information.
o Identify criteria for collecting field information.
o Follow-up on general data of all water resources and water balance in all regions of the Kingdom.
o Follow up on production, operation and maintenance information for all water sources (wells, water purification plants, reservoirs, wastewater treatment plants, sampling points, desalination plants, and filling stations "Ashyab").
o Prepare periodic and quarterly reports and statistics.
o Review water studies either those carried out by the Ministry or other entity.
o Archive all documents (paper and electronic documents), classify, review and audit them.
o Coordinate with departments and directorates in the processes of data input and data analysis.
o Identify criteria needed for collecting field information of water resources.

3) Water Risk Division:
o Risk assessment.
o Develop applicable procedures and solutions for all risks and threats.
o Verify the efficiency and effectiveness of procedures related to risks and threats.

4) Water Research Division:
o Provide consulting services.
o Develop solutions and initiatives that contribute to improve water management.
o Conduct researches.
o Transfer of technology and training and exchange of knowledge.


Achieve integrated water management by promoting integrated management and sustainable development of water resources.
Validate water data and provide high quality water information.
Develop water resources databases.
Build a reciprocal partnership of water information of various sources of information (water studies from inside and outside the ministry, monitoring network, the information of the general directorates of water services and other related parties).
Conduct various water researches.


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