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 Import Live Birds Request

E-Service Guide

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Service Description

This service allows citizens and companies to apply for import permission to import live birds (birds, ornamental bird, and poultry).

Requirements for obtaining the service

1_ Each shipment should be consistent with the GCC Veterinary Quarantine Law, its regulation, all related ministers, and administrative directions.
2- Each shipment of imported birds (one-year old bird) and hatching eggs shall be accompanied by the original copy of Veterinary Health Certificate and the Certificate of Origin that should be issued from the government of the exporting countries and attested from the Saudi embassy or GCC countries.
3_Importer must obtain the import permit at least a month before dispatching the consignment and submit it to veterinary quarantine before 15 days of its arrival. 
4_All shipments arrive at Saudi Arabia ports of entry at least 15 days before the issuing date of the import permit are not allowed to enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
5_ The Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture has the right to impose additional condition in order to prevent diseases transmission.
6_ Entry permit of consignment will be issued only if the laboratory examination result shows that it is in compliance with the conditions of the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture. 

1_ Sign in to the system (sign up in case you have not registered yet)
2_ Choose the service
3_Submit detailed information of the imports company.
4_Submit detailed information of the consignment.
5_Submit detailed information of the exporter.
6_Submit details of consignment to be imported.
7_Attach the Health Certificate.

​Health Certificate

What is done after the Request is completed

The service enables users to follow-up on their application request using their user account, and to know the application status either by website or SMS. 

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