Agricultural sector

​The Agricultural Register is a documentation of agricultural activities carried out by farmland owners. 

An official document issued by the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture for each farmland owner when they meet the requirements.

Animal sector

- Valid Commercial Register indicating the activity of animal Import or trafficking, after a specialized technical team from the concerned directorate visits the animal shelter and send an approval letter to add import activity.
-Obtain prior import permit from the General Department of Agricultural Affairs.
- The consignment must be accompanied by certificate of origin and health certificate issued by authorized authorities in the origin country.

The International Quarantine for Horses at Janadriyah is responsible for issuing the health certificate.

Horse imports are permitted only from countries accredited by MEWA including (USA, Canada, EU, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Japan, and some Asian countries). The said list of countries should bauble checked by MEWA (The International Quarantine for Horses at Janadriyah) before importing horses. Horse import is only permitted for registered horses (accompanied documents: passport or official registration document).

Environmental sector

- Forests inclination of more than 40%.
-Forests that maintain flow of water in streams and reservoirs.
-Forests that protect watercourses or water reserves.
-Forests that protect some land from floods.
-Forests that create green belts around towns and villages for reduction of air temperatures and city beautification.

Platforms and electronic services in the portal

The ministry’s platforms do not require entering personal Information. However, it will be retrieved from “Absher” platform.

The ministry's platforms do not require a re-entry of information. Data retrieval and verification will be carried out by the relevant government agencies.

All the ministry's platforms allow you to save the application as a draft and then resend it when needed.

All the ministry's platforms allow you to preview the application data before sending.

​The Ministry provides electronic services for all types of beneficiaries and can register using the commercial registration number. Verification and retrieval of company data will take place from the Ministry of Commerce and Investment data.

The Ministry has made available digital indicators to follow up the evaluation of the portal's content and services on a continuous and automatic basis. The results of the evaluation have been published on the portal. The Ministry has assigned a team to review the least rated pages and services and re-improve them to raise their quality.
Gate indicators

Water Sector

With reference to approval by HE Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture Dated 12/11 /2016 on the proposal number (338/1/1437)  of water billing committee, If the water is safe to drink, the monthly water bill is equal to the total amount of water with the new tariff, while if it is not safe to drink, the monthly bill is equal to half the total amount of water with the new tariff.

​In the case of suspicion ofkind of  poisoning, the customer in the following cities :Riyadh, Jeddah, Taif and Jeddah should visit the National Water Company's laboratory to examine the sample. If the customer doesn't live in the abovementioned countries, they should visit the nearest water department laboratory or one of its branches.

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