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Open data is the data that can be freely used, reused and published by any person with no technical, financial or legal restrictions, subject to the requirements of the legal license of publishing such data.

 Publishing open data is one of MEWA's initiatives that aim at creating a central point for offering open data for MEWA Portal users and drawing a strategy for open data that targets increasing beneficiaries' awareness of statistics, reports, studies, etc. This is carried out with the aim of promoting transparency and encouraging and enriching e-participations from the perspective of a well-informed and cultured society. 

 This platform offers data groups published by MEWA in formats that can be easily processed and reused. E-participation channels receive beneficiaries' views and suggestions about developing the platform and making use of its published data is the primary source of open data in Saudi Arabia. MEWA open data is available on the portal.  Click here to access the Open Data portal of Saudi Arabia.

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