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 MEWA Charges Violator of the GCC Animal Welfare Act after Video Shows Animal Cruelty in AL Madinah



Dr. Abdullah Abalkhail, spokesman for the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture said that the ministry in cooperation with the security authorities, after receiving a video shows animal cruelty, has accused a man of torturing a cat by letting dogs off-leash in order to attack the cat after it was tied up.

Abalkhail stated that the Central Emergency Information Center at the ministry has referred a reported case of animal cruelty to the liaison officer in the ministry's branch in Medina.  Adding that the officer, collaborating with the security authorities, conducted investigations into circumstances of the case and found the offender which was held accountable for what he has done in accordance with the laws in force.

Abalkhail stressed that the ministry will not hesitate to impose the penalties prescribed by the GCC Animal Welfare Act on any person, whether citizens or not, convicted for animal cruelty, and that the violations will be referred to the competent authorities for taking the statutory action thereon, calling on all to immediately report suspected animal abuse by toll-free at 8002470000 or by email at


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