The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture has invited tenders for a global Dates City with integrated services to be established in Madina Region. The City will be a local and global destination for trading, manufacturing and exporting Saudi dates to the world.

The Ministry said that the project aims to support the trade, manufacture and export of dates of Medina city and other cities, increase the operational capacity of dates manufacturing, utilize palm trees remnants in manufacturing, raise the employment rate in the region, and increase economic growth and domestic spending.

The Ministry pointed out that the project which spans over 1.089.441 square meters is located south of Madinah, 7 kilometers away from the Prophet's Mosque and 17 kilometers away from Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Airport, where people can have easy access from King Abdullah Ring Road and be able to access markets and make better use of essential services. 
The Ministry also pointed out that tenders are to be submitted through Etimad platform: .And that the submission deadline is13 Dhul Qa'da 1440 H corresponding to July 16, 2019.