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 47.7% Increase in The Number of Licenses Issued Compared to Last Year



The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture announced that 195 licenses were issued for agricultural projects in the first half of 2019, with an increase of 47.7% compared to the same period last year. This comes within the Ministry's plan to increase the production rate in the animal resources, plant wealth and fish wealth sectors, and to strengthen the supporting services to agriculture. 

Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Eng. Ahmed Al-Aiadh, pointed out that 75 construction licenses, 117 operating licenses and 3 initial licenses were issued for projects in fields of agriculture, animal resources and fisheries, marketing and cooling warehouses. 

Al-Aiadh confirmed that licensing such projects has highlighted the great role played by the Ministry in supporting small and medium enterprises, improving the agricultural services and developing the agricultural production sectors.  Adding that the Ministry has made great efforts to introduce a high-quality local product by promoting investment in agricultural production projects of modern techniques based on rationalizing water consumption and implementing the best agricultural practices in the world in accordance with the Ministry's strategy and the Saudi Vision 2030. 

It is worth noting that compared to last year, where only 263 licenses were issued, the number is projected to reach 50% in 2019. 


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