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 MEWA Prohibits 8 Practices of Animal Cruelty in Saudi Arabia



The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture has prohibited several practices that are constitute cruelty toward animals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in accordance with the GCC Animal Welfare Law which was approved by the Royal Decree No. (M / 44) dated 26/7/1434 H, and has imposed the penalties stipulated on the perpetrators of such harmful practices. Some of these practices are prohibited except for medical justification, while others are forbidden for any reason whatsoever. 

Dr. Ali Al-Duwairj, Director-General of the Directorate of Health and Veterinary Control at the Ministry, stated that the list of proscribed practices that are prohibited except for medical necessity includes tail docking and ear cropping, declawing, debarking, dehorning and chemical castration, whereas the other list of all practices that are forbidden for any reason whatsoever involves dyeing animals, using injectable cosmetic fillers (such as fillers, Botox, etc.) on animals, especially camels, and using animal-growth stimulants or  stimulant drugs in the race.
The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, he added, aims at prohibiting any practices that may harm the animals in line with GCC Animal Welfare Law by applying strict measures, as well as the penalties stipulated to ensure the implementation of the provisions of the GCC Law against the violators, stressing that penalties are not an end in themselves, as the real objective is to ensure that all individuals and institutions are complied with the standards of animal welfare prescribed by the tolerant teachings of Islam and the legal regulations adopted. Al-Duwairj added that in case any individual or institution convicted of animal cruelty, the penalties prescribed under the GCC Animal Welfare Law and other regulations related to livestock and other veterinary professions shall be applied.

Furthermore, Al-Duwairj urges the veterinary centers, relevant authorities and individuals to demonstrate kindness toward animals in light of Islamic teachings, which provide for animal welfare, and to comply with the regulations, calling on all to report any violating practices by calling the toll-free number (8002470000) and sending any supporting documents to this email

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