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 MEWA to Celebrate the Arab Agriculture Day



In commemoration of the Arab Agriculture Day, the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture will hold parallel celebration of the official celebration held at the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD) in Khartoum on September 27, with "Smart Agriculture: Towards A Better Future for Arab Agriculture" as a theme of this year’s celebration.

The ministry will hold the celebration in the main hall of the National Agriculture & Animal Resources Research Center in Riyadh, on Thursday, September 27, (corresponding to 17 Muharram 1440), under the auspices of the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Affairs Eng. Ahmed AlEyadah, and in the presence of high level officials. 

AlEyadah outlined the importance of the smart agriculture in raising the efficiency of agricultural resources, achieving food security and sustainable agricultural development. Adding that smart farming is based on the application of systems that aim at increasing productivity and quality, yet reducing the use of natural resources, such as: Good Agricultural Practices, and Organic Farming that depends on bio-fertilization.

The Ministry has taken care of smart agriculture technology, established the Organic Farming Project, the Saudi Organic Farming Association and the Organic Agriculture Research & Development Center, developed the Policy of Organic Agriculture in Saudi Arabia which was endorsed by the Council of Ministers, and provided great support to farmers who want to transition to organic farming and committed SAR750 million to this field.


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