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 9 Organic Fertilizers Production Plants Support the Development of Organic Agriculture Sector in the Kingdom



The number of plants producing fertilizers allowed for use on organic farms has reached 9 plants across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since organic farming was initiated and developed over thirteen years ago by the private sector to meet the needs in the agricultural sector.

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture pointed out that fertilizer plants are operated under its supervision within certain conditions and specifications to produce a product that conforms to specifications with high efficiency.

The Ministry stressed the importance of compliance with the Law of Organic Farming and the GCC Fertilizers and Soil Conditioners Law to ensure applying good practices in organic production, reducing the use of chemical fertilizers, yet increase the use of organic fertilizers, which improves soil fertility, and hence improve the water-retaining capacity.

Moreover the Ministry pointed out that no fertilizers and soil optimizers may be produced or manufactured without obtaining a license from the competent department in the Ministry in coordination with the relevant authorities.  For more information on fertilizers produced by these plants and the list of inputs for organic production registered with the Organic Production Department: 


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