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 MEWA Produces Vaccines for Diseases Causing Abscess in Animal


The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture (MEWA) has managed to create a combination vaccine to diseases that make cattle suffer from abscess.
A research study made by the National Agriculture & Animal Resources and Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories - sub-divisions at MEWA - in Riyadh has carried out field survey and clinical investigations to record infection rates of pseudotuberculosis and marble diseases that develop abscesses in sheep, goats and camel skin. The study has covered epidemics and factors associated with these diseases in eight regions in Saudi Arabia.
Dr. Salah Al-Din Ba-Bakr, the lead researcher and bacteriologist at General Department of Laboratories, said the study found that goats and sheep were more likely to develop skin abscess than camels. He announced that seven experimental vaccines were developed out from various bacteria products plus immune system stimulus of animals. The vaccines were used at labs to treat white lab mice, rabbits and sheep under the international quality control norms and standards.
According to Dr. Ba-Bakr, the final results of experiments and assessments of safety and effectiveness showed that one vaccine provided sheep with 100 percent of qualitative protection against pseudotuberculosis and 80 percent of protection against marble disease, which makes it the best in the world.
The vaccine stimulated animal immune systems to produce excellent levels of antibodies for a period ranging from six to nine months. The researcher added: This study leads the path at world level by developing a combination vaccine that provides protection against pseudotuberculosis and marble diseases in one shot. Vaccines that can be given individually to get protection against pseudotuberculosis are available in market, but this is the first time to put two vaccines in one shot to provide protection against the two diseases.
In the context of vaccine mass production, further decisions shall be subject of keen studies and evaluation by the ministry. 
Dr. Ba-Bakr saluted staff working at the ministry, general departments in regions, Animal Resources Department and the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories for assisting the research team during a period extended for three years - Jumada II, 1435H to Safar, 1438H.


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