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 More Than SR390 Thousand Fine for 12 Pesticides Law Violations


The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture has issued SR390,716 thousand in fines against 19 agricultural companies for violating the GCC Pesticides Law regulations. Upon instruction by the Ministry, violators were obliged to destroy pesticides through specialized companies, bearing the costs of destruction. 

The Ministry pointed out that 610.5 L of illicit, 403.5 L and 13.7 kg of expired and 8,700 kg of unregistered pesticides have been seized in twelve cities.

The Ministry called on all pesticides traders, including manufacturers, sellers and farmers to abide by the regulations and technical requirements for the use of pesticides, as these banned pesticides pose a serious threat to traders, sellers, farmers, consumers and the environment, stressing that the penalties set by the law include imposing fines up to SAR200 thousand, as well as destroying of pesticides, through specialized chemicals disposal companies, bearing the costs of destruction and shutting down the violating company.


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