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Social participation is one of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 goals which set out an integrated approach and a roadmap for achieving Sustainable Development Goals at all levels. In regard to the social participation and communication channels, the text of Saudi Vision 2030 states that "We will deepen communication channels between government agencies on one hand and citizens and the private sector on the other. We shall facilitate interactive, online and smart engagement methods and ways to listen to citizens’ views, and to hear all insights and perspectives. We will encourage government agencies to improve the quality of their services, and to meet the needs of every citizen."

Proceeding from those principles and the Ministry's approach which is to encourage all parties to engage in the discussion of public policies and plans of development projects and initiatives, the Ministry has used advanced technical mechanisms which make everyone's voice heard and constructive proposals to the officials in the relevant departments of the Ministry to take the appropriate action accordingly. This is known as the concept of e-Participation which takes place through various channels of communication and social interaction to deliver the views and visions of the portal users. 

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