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Tasks and Responsibilities:

1. Developing national strategies and setting environmental and meteorological goals and targets.
2. Developing legislations, regulations and programs related to forests, national parks and pastures.
3. Developing programs aimed at preserving and developing forests and marine and coastal environment.
4. Developing corrective plans and climate change adaptation plan to protect parks, forests and pastures.
5. Reviewing and evaluating the existing legislations and proposing amendments in coordination with the relevant organizational units.
6. Identifying and pursuing privatization opportunities in the environment sector.
7. Overseeing the implementation of studies and strategic research in the fields of environment and biodiversity.
8. Strengthening the actions at national level in the field of climate change.
9. Coordinating and cooperating with local, international and regional authorities and following up with the developments in the fields of environment and meteorology.
10. Coordinating and cooperating with different authorities to develop national plans aimed at preventing and reducing the risks of environmental pollution, environmental disasters, as well as responding to environmental emergencies.
11. Coordinating with international organizations to develop environmental conventions regarding climate change, biodiversity, combating desertification, protecting forests, national parks, and pastures, and combating environmental pollution, etc.
12. Identifying priorities and goals of investment opportunities regarding national parks and forest conservation in coordination with the relevant organizational units. 
13.  Taking the necessary steps to establish range reserves and forests reserves, and environmentally sensitive areas as well as supervising their implementation in cooperation with the concerned authorities.

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