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Deputy-Ministry for Water

The Directorate of Water is responsible for managing the conventional water resources (non-renewable underground water, renewable underground water and surface water) and non-conventional (reused water and treated wastewater). It's also responsible for preserving and sustaining water resources, making use of it as a national wealth through its affiliated departments.

The Directorate of Water carries out many tasks that contribute to achieving its vision and mission of best serving citizens and quickly meeting their needs. This is accomplished in accordance with the laws and regulations that guarantee the legal rights of every citizen, in line with the regulatory laws for granting wells drilling licenses for different purposes. The Directorate of Water also carries out many projects and conducts studies that aim at enhancing underground and surface water resources and finding new resources for future use. In cooperation with the Directorate of Water Services, the Directorate of Water boosts underground water resources in different regions in KSA, in coordination with the National Transformation Center, and in accordance with the long-term strategy for water security in different regions in KSA.
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