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Service Level Agreement for E-Services

 The Service Level Agreement for E-services aims at stating and clarifying the quality level of the services provided through the diverse systems, as well as the rights and duties of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture (MEWA) and the beneficiaries. This Agreement is an explicit agreement between MEWA and all involved parties, whether they know about the agreement or not. Receiving any of the services included in this Agreement is an implicit consent by recipients of the services to all terms and conditions stated in this Agreement, without prejudice to any other agreements that maybe included in the service provision.

 MEWA is to abide by justice and privacy rules in addressing beneficiaries' services requests confidentially, and will exert its best efforts to provide high quality services to all beneficiaries.
 Below are the commitments of both MEWA (the service provider) and beneficiaries:

1. Rights and Duties of Beneficiaries:

MEWA Portal administration is responsible for providing e-services throughout all days of the week, including weekends and vacations;
Beneficiaries' requests are addressed fairly and confidentially, and responses will be through the system, SMS or e-mails, as appropriate and according to the service type; 
The Portal allows user account registration, through which beneficiaries may submit their requests for services and applications provided by MEWA through its Portal, and can follow-up the messages and the progress of their requests through this account;
Registration should be using the same information in the ID, and the entered data should be correct. Incorrect entered or attached data will lead to discarding the request;
Applicants are fully responsible for their choices and for abiding by the regulations of services provision, and all breaching requests will be discarded;
In the event of accepting any request, the applicant shall be notified through his registered email. Users may inquire about the status of their requests through their registered accounts on the Portal; and 
Visitors' login to MEWA Portal is deemed to be an approval of all use terms and conditions, that are an explicit agreement between MEWA and beneficiaries.

​Type of Request
​Time anticipated to close the Request.
Procedural service
​7 working days

2. MEWA Rights and Duties:

MEWA is responsible for addressing messages and correct requests and contacting the applicants within the set period of time, that may increase or decrease as the case may be;
MEWA is to hold its employees accountable for any failure to address requests and inquiries of beneficiaries;
MEWA Portal administration is to adhere to justice and privacy rules in addressing beneficiaries' requests;
MEWA is responsible for solving registration and login issues and other problems related to accessibility to any of the Portal sections;
The Portal administration is entitled to discard non-compliant requests or that include incorrect data;
The Portal administration is entitled to temporarily suspend some services or systems for maintenance or other reasons;
MEWA Portal visitors shall not access the Portal with the intention of damaging it or corrupting any of its content;
MEWA Portal visitors shall report any failure or error, if any, with the aim of improving the content and functions of the Portal; and
Applicants are fully responsible for their choices and for abiding by the regulations of services provision.

Help and Support 

 MEWA Portal includes a section for helping and supporting beneficiaries, through the diverse communication channels in the Portal. This section provides all the kinds of help that MEWA Portal visitors may need. The content is meant to suit the largest possible number of visitors, so different readable and mass media materials are available in different forms, in addition to detailed information and links to some other helpful sections. MEWA Portal administration is also responsible for responding to the inquiries received through the 'Contact Us' page.

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