The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made a quantum leap in the field of meteorology, environmental protection and conservation of its resources. Not surprisingly, the theme of environment and environment protection has been adopted and protected within the Basic Law of Governance in accordance with article (322) of the Statute, which provides for: " the State shall endeavor to preserve, protect, and improve the environment and prevent its pollution. ". This is a culmination of great importance as it took the government to serve the environmental work and preserve our natural resources.

The unlimited support of the wise government of the body/entity that is responsible for the environmental affairs in the Kingdom (the General Authority for Meteorology and Environmental Protection) has a clear and tangible impact, in recognition of the importance of the environment and its preservation. In view of the development and the internal and international attention to environmental elements and their impact on the ambitious development plans and the interaction between development and environmental protection, and pollution and deterioration due to rapid economic growth and expansion, Saudi Arabia established the Directorate General of Meteorology in 1370 - 1950 and was subsequently restructured in 1981 - 1401H to become the Department of Meteorology and Environmental Protection and was entrusted with the role of the entity/body that is responsible for environment affairs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the national level as well as its role in the field of meteorology.

With the remarkable acceleration of environmental and meteorological work locally and globally, and with the desire of the Kingdom to give the largest dimension, the name was transferred from the Meteorological and Environmental Protection Authority to the General Presidency of Meteorology and Environment Protection in 1422, 2001. Then a Royal Decree was issued to change its name to the General Authority for Meteorology and Environmental Protection in 30/07/1437 H.
Thus, the environmental and institutional work has witnessed a major paradigm shift and continuous presence and serious plans for future. This is clearly reflected in the issuance of the Environmental Law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its executive regulations as a serious step towards environmental development in accordance with clear standards and regulations.

One of the most important tasks of the Authority is monitoring meteorological phenomena and weather forecasting for the safety of life and the protection of properties through an integrated technical and practical system in accordance with international standards in the field of meteorology and to optimize natural resources utilization of the Kingdom, and rationalize their use. For the reason of providing the actual need for protecting present and future generations from the environmental pollution damage through methods of developing environmental management, achieving balanced development and identifying the basic elements of natural environment resources in all regions of the Kingdom according to their characteristics, and renewing the means and procedures that ensure preserving these characteristics, preventing their degradation, and developing them  if possible. 

In the context of effective coordination with relevant bodies in all environmental issues to develop strategies and plans, and to work towards the promulgation of regulations and legislations to safeguard natural resources and protect them from degradation, as well as to monitor, study, analyze and evaluate the environmental impacts of all activities affecting The environment and propose solutions to achieve sound uses and to identify the guidelines for the protection, control, cleaning, rehabilitation and studies of those affected by pollution, and to document such information in an accessible manner, taking into account the preparation of integrated environmental impact assessment systems for all development projects by implementing and following up environmental assessment procedures and monitoring environmental and climatic variables through environmental inspection in accordance with the Environmental Law that was issued by a Royal Decree No. M / 34 On 28/07 / 1422 H, which is one of the bright achievements in the Saudi environmental work.

The Authority is also the representative of the Kingdom in following the recent developments in the field of environmental protection and meteorological activities at all regional and international levels. The General Authority for Meteorology and Environmental Protection plays a prominent role in raising meteorological and environmental awareness among all members of Saudi society, and reflecting the national perspective on dealing with the issues of the environment and meteorology, The basic premise of this perspective is the teachings of the Islamic religion and the fact that man is used in this land to rehabilitate it and benefit from it, not to harm it and its components, and to show the concerns of the Government of Saudi Arabia to preserve the environment and its components that are represented in the current activities of the Authority and its participation in local and international exhibitions and conferences in order to highlight the distinctive characteristics of the Saudi environment and Islamic civilization.

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