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 90 Poultry Farms Cost SAR18 Billion in 2018



The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture issued 90 permits for starting poultry farming business in the Kingdom in 2018, at financial, construction, and operational investment cost of SAR18 billion.

The Director General of the General Department for Agricultural Services, Eng. Saad Al-Zahra, said that the Ministry issued 90 permits for poultry farms in 2018, up from 58 permits in 2017 with an increase of 35.56%, in addition to 74 operating permits and 14 preliminary permits, noting that 4 permits were canceled within the same period.

Al-Zahra stated that the high growth rate in the number of permits issued for construction projects in the poultry sector in 2018 reflects the ministry’s goal to increase production and achieve self-sufficiency by 60% by 2020, where it was about 47% last year. The ministry also aims at handling the increasing domestic demand, and attracting new investors in this field.

Al-Zahra pointed out that the ministry also aims at increasing the local production, yet maintaining its quality, in addition to creating job opportunities for national cadres including women in supporting services for poultry farms, and contributing to social development in rural areas.

95% of the "One Window" system has been completed. This system aims to facilitate procedures by reducing time periods required for issuing permits, eliminating unnecessary paperwork, solving problems, responding to queries and completing work through one portal easily accessed by both investors and citizens in 2019, Al-Zahra added.

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture has recently adopted three types of permits, including: " preliminary permit" for a period of one year, "Construction permit" for a period of two years, and "Operating permit", that may be for a period of up to 30 years, and such permit granted to the investor upon completion of the project, so he can contribute to raise the level of food security in the Kingdom.


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