The Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture shall set the goal of satisfying the customers and shall achieve this through its portal or any of the services it provides. The Ministry views the list of services provided to its users, with the time taken and the readiness of use for each service. 

Readiness and time limits may be affected if there are deficiencies in the requests or lack of information required from the user, or the nature of the transactions call for the need to process the request by a third party (from the official or related authorities).

​The Ministry also directs beneficiaries to abide by the terms and conditions of each service.

Portal Standards and Associated Services

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture confirms that the average time taken to display the pages of the portal is estimated at 4 seconds for the main page and that its operating readiness is not less than 99.9%

Unified Call Centre and E-Services

Time anticipated to close the RequestType of Request
7 working daysProcedural service
immediatelyCall Centre
immediatelyLive Chat
10 working daysE-Mail
10 working daysTwitter Customer Care
10 working days (depending on the type of data requested)Open Data

Assistance and support

In case of non-response to the beneficiary according to the specified time frame, he\ she shall communicate via e-mail: info@mewa.gov.sa

Note that text messages will be sent to the beneficiary on the status of the request.​

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