Investment is one of the main pillars of the comprehensive development plans. It helps in achieving the objectives of the general strategy for national development in the Kingdom that aims at enriching the national economic diversity, providing job opportunities for citizens and activating their participation in the multiple fields generated by different development projects.

Now, more than ever, investment became a critical factor on all levels and in different fields. It guarantees fulfilling the general objectives through providing financial and human support for investment projects, enhances private sector participation in sustainable development, and paves the way for local and foreign investors participation in seizing the available investment opportunities. This, in turn, leads to diversifying financing and income sources, providing job opportunities for youth and supporting the domestic product and the balanced development, to achieve the strategic objectives of the Saudi Vision 2030, represented in the objectives of the National Transformation Program 2020.

 Driven by the willingness to achieve these goals, and by the partnership approach adopted by MEWA in its relation with different public and private institutions and organizations, MEWA has developed appropriate frameworks to encourage investment in its different activities. It also adopted a scientific approach in planning and implementing national economic developmental projects, facing challenges and getting over the regulatory, financial and investment obstacles that face development. This was achieved through the following procedures:

- Developing mechanisms and programs to implement long-term strategies to create a suitable and accessible investment environment in different fields relevant to MEWA activities, and provide services to support projects growth to achieve environmental, economic and social development;

- Offering good investment opportunities relevant to MEWA activities and announcing them to investors on the national and international levels and offering tenders for carrying out huge investment projects and directly supervising them by MEWA.  This offering relies on the comprehensive collection of information on proposed projects and potential investors and listing them in a central database. The scope of investment should be in projects that maintain balance between current development plans and ambitions on one hand, and ensuring meeting the future needs of coming generations without damaging the environment and the vital resources of the Kingdom on the other;
- Creating a comprehensive economic and investment vision for the details and the requirements of the proposed investment projects to guarantee that these projects are of high economic feasibility and suit the nature of KSA environment and resources;

- Attracting investors and encouraging them through providing support and advisory services and creating a suitable investment environment to achieve comprehensive development objectives and provide job opportunities for citizens; and

- Coordinating with the financial institutions to finance the developmental projects through concluding cooperation memos, in addition to supporting small and medium investors in receiving the appropriate finance from banks and other financiers to carry out their projects, helping them meet all the requirements of financial institutions and facilitating the financing procedures for carrying out and operating SMEs.

 MEWA available investment opportunities
- Investment in developing, improving and sustainably managing national parks and nature reserves, and supporting and enriching the entertainment activities available in these areas for citizens and tourists, while preserving the environment and natural resources as a strategic objective of sustainable development. These investments can be carried out in coordination and cooperation with the competent government entities;

- Investment in achieving sustainable development and management of national forests in southern KSA, and preventing transgression against the plants and trees to ensure vital resources security and the protection of the plants cover of forests.  There are also investment opportunities in projects of combating desertification, protecting pastures and organizing grazing activities to prevent overgrazing that leads to the deterioration of pastoral environment;  

- Designing, developing and managing a comprehensive program for fighting and protecting from the palm weevil Rhynchophorus ferrugineus, and educating people about its risks, as well as carrying out studies and scientific research about the best methods to achieve this;

- Investment projects in preparing agricultural terraces in southwestern areas of the Kingdom,  applying the latest rainwater harvesting technologies and making use of it in irrigation, and increasing water reserves in dams.  This also includes measuring consumption of wells water in agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors, conducting statistics studies and creating a database for optimal management of water resources;

- Investment in drawing strategic plans for structured agricultural investments in other areas and countries, or as part of partnerships with the local private sector or sectors of the targeted countries. These plans aim at preserving KSA resources and alleviating pressure on the vital resources to achieve the objectives of the National Transformation Programs;  

- Designing and managing an effective program for strategic storage of food, securing sustainable reserve of food and the required raw materials for food production, preventing crises and unjustified prices surge due to lack of supply in markets and the seasonal changes. This will contribute to achieving comprehensive and sustainable food security in the Kingdom. This project includes creating early warning system before the start of any crisis and provides accurate and useful information for agricultural markets, exporters and importers;

- Establishing a specialized company for developing and managing agricultural products markets, including vegetables, fruits, cattle and fish, and using technology for establishing an e-trade for marketing dates locally and internationally to increase efficiency of agricultural consumption;

- Investment in establishing and developing a scientific research center specialized in the production of local biological enemies of pests for biological pest control, and in monitoring and controlling the spread of cross-border pests. This will increase the added value of the targeted products and contribute to enhancing the productivity base of KSA crops;

- Establishing and managing a center for producing and developing veterinary vaccines for local virus strains and therapies for different cattle diseases, and monitoring and controlling the spread of endemic or cross-border veterinary diseases;

- Establishing and developing fishing ports on the eastern and western coastal areas of the Kingdom to serve, help and guide fishermen,  as well as providing reliable forecasts about sea condition, waves level, wind speed and other information of interest to fishermen;  

- Investment in creating an institutional base for supporting applied research related to increasing the efficiency of fisheries management, enhancing productivity of fish resources, providing information about fish species, fishing seasons, breeding places and means of protecting fish from overfishing, and other tasks that preserve the sustainability of fishing and protect the Kingdom's natural resources; 

- Investment in aquaculture projects using floating cages technique and aquaponics system, an integrative culture of plants and fish that uses fish waste to feed plants and plants nutrients to feed fish, as well as biofloc technology that relies on improving properties of water in aquaculture;

- Investment in algal culturing, as algae is a vital source for feeding most of the marine creatures, such as fish, snails and crustaceans, as well as humans in some countries. Algae is a natural source for some chemical substances, such as gel and agar;

- Projects for establishing desalination plants, and surface and ground water purification plants and expansion in the cities targeted by the National Water Company, with the participation of the private sector to provide water for all citizens and improve the quality of life in Saudi cities;

- Projects for building, operating and managing waste management plants for the protection of public health and ensuring a clean environment, as well as making use of the treated water in agriculture and other appropriate fields;

- Investment in the four grain mills companies, that will be offered for the private sector participation; and

- Investment in different waste recycling projects, as well as waste treatment through the extraction of the material that can be reused after eliminating harmful compounds, thus neutralizing pollutants to eliminate any risks posed by these wastes if left untreated.

Some investment opportunities for which the needed studies were conducted, or on which light has been shed during lectures will be available soon.

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